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 Fetalfotos.com is the industry's oldest website brand name.  Now a facility directory for expectant mothers looking for local services, your facility can take advantage of the years of exposure and turn it into newfound revenues for your facility.
Fetal Fotos is not new to the internet, but it is new as a directory.  In order to get more exposure for your business at great at R.O.I. (return on investment - at $299 a couple of appointments will pay for this ad), get your business listed on the industry's most popular website.  And now get your second year for free.  Join quickly, because like all directories, first come, first listed!

[FetalFotos.com is not associated with www.fetalfotosusa.com]  

The brand “FetalFotos.com” has been the elective ultrasound industry's most popular term used to describe elective ultrasound services for expecting mothers for nearly 20 years. To this day, the term is still being frequently used in publications and over the internet as the general brand for our industry's services. Until recently, the original website, www.FetalFotos.com, was owned by a sonographer in Georgia (not the company www.fetalfotosusa.com). She owned the website for her small operation doing gender determination for clients in the small town of Gainsville, GA. Over those 20 years, she grew increasingly tired and aggravated with all the emails and excessive bandwidth usage she was incurring from pregnant mothers all over the United States looking for services in their cities. Although this was a huge hassle for her, it was a GREAT opportunity to all the facilities throughout the nation looking for more ways to receive exposure and capitalize on this gem of an internet destination associated with the ultrasound industry's oldest and most popular website. 

Today, www.FetalFotos.com has been reorganized as a web directory for ultrasound facilities to capitalize on its massive popularity and branding to increase more exposure for their facility at an affordable cost. Quite simply, in this day and age of over priced marketing campaigns, www.FetalFotos.com is an AFFORDABLE marketing avenue fo rultrasound facilities to get real R.O.I. (Return On Investment). But more importantly it is unique to any other directory on the market. 

Trying to figure out how to get customers in front of your ads is a daunting process all facility owners face. Often owners are overwhelmed with optimization, pay per click ads, print ads, mailings, and web advertising. The reason for the high expense and low R.O.I. is because there is little to no branding involved. They are simply just shoving their ads and money out there hoping to get a response. This is what make makes www.FetalFotos.com  unique marketing opportunity at a nominal cost = R.O.I.  

You have to think about how clients find you. Most will agree that the internet has become the most common tool for people to do searches for information. What you spend thousands in trying to develop each and everyday for your company, www.FetalFotos.com already has and 20 years of it - recognition For nearly 20 years it is naturally one of the most common terms pregnant mothers looking for ultrasound services (your services, your potential clients) will search for in their quest to find and educate themselves about ultrasound facilities in your area. Because of its years and years of exposure (recognition) all over the internet, after they read about it, they naturally go to google and type in: fetal fotos (#2). This is what www.FetalFotos.com offers that no other directory can offer, something you do not currently have in your marketing arsenal - the power and synergy of nearly 20 years of recognition that is all over the internet which feeds to this site.

To make the deal more sweet, for a limited time we are offering a buy 1 year, get 1 year free offer as an introductory offer to launch this new website directory. Like all directories, it is first come, first listed. This is a no-nonsense directory where your listing will come will all the features that most facilities offer as the top or “premium” listing that will include:

- 1st Come, First Listed Guaranteed Placement Listing

- Company Logo Placement

- Company Website Link

- Map Link with Custom Directions To Your Facility

- Telephone Listing

- Short Message/Description

Buy 1, Get 1 Free (2 years of advertising) - we admit, we are trying to make this a very easy advertising decision for you.  And when the offer goes away, your competition is already listed and you have to pay for the same price for one year to get listed, it will still be well worth it! Because www.fetalfotos.com has been around a long time and will continue to be one of the most popular search term for expecting mothers. But get the offer why you can, get listed on the industry's oldest and most popular elective ultrasound website and get more referrals for your business at a cost where 1 or 2 appointments will pay for the annual fee. Then enjoy the rest of the year and the extra year we are giving you to book more appointments.


All Listings Include:

  • Company Logo
  • Company website
  • Map Link
  • Phone
  • Short slogan/text

Cost: $299 per year

(Current special would be $299

for 2 years- buy1, get 1 free).



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